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Thai Cuisine
(304) 487-9359
708 Mercer St
Princeton, WV

(304) 425-8360
1150 Oakvale Rd
Princeton, WV
K And W Cafeteria
(304) 327-0251
Rte 460 & US Hwy 25
Bluefield, WV

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Mint Indian Restaurant
(304) 325-9111
3206 E Cumberland Rd
Bluefield, WV

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Tray King House
(276) 322-5078
2060 Leatherwood Ln
Bluefield, VA

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Starbucks Coffee Company
(304) 431-2559
100 Oakvale Road
Princeton, WV
Taco Bell
(304) 487-6076
1215 Stafford Drive
Princeton, WV
Miranda's Playland Restaurant
(304) 323-1977
100 North St
Bluefield, WV

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Sicilia's Pizzeria
(276) 322-3318
4001 College Ave
Bluefield, VA

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(276) 322-0204
516 Commerce Dr
Bluefield, VA

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Understanding Beer

Graduation marks many lifestyle changes in a twentysomething’s life. Expectations for civility are raised, wardrobes are re-jiggered, and use of the word “dude” may need to be budgeted more wisely

. These things, for better or for worse, are often essential elements of a recent grad’s transition into the “real world.” But one post-college myth that’s bandied about far too often is that as soon as you leave school, you have to stop drinking beers and start sipping wine. There’s a false belief that wine is the drink of “adults” and “nice dinners,” while beer is for the unsophisticated Joe Sixpacks of the world.

Well, I’m here to flip the script. Graduating college does not mean you have to throw away the beers. Maybe you should throw away the Keystone Lights and stop referring to them as “frat waters,” but it would be a shame to give up completely on such a varied and delicious genre of alcoholic beverage. Craft beers are more popular than ever, self-proclaimed “beer bars” are on the rise in almost every major city, and more restaurants are suggesting “beer pairings” with meals. In this guide, we’ll provide a brief primer on how to choose, find, and enjoy great beers. Move over chardonnay—the revolution starts (er, continues) here!

Beer-Drinking Basics

Firs things first: drinking beer should be fun, enjoyable, and unstressful. Never drink beers that you don’t like, unless there are no other beers available and you just want to get drunk. Some varieties are considered “trendy” and "refined" just like certain wines, but if you are ordering a Duvel just to look sophisticated, you may end up regretting the decision.

A true beer enthusiast will always be down to sample a new brew, even if it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. But it’s certainly worth developing an arsenal of “go-to” beers for casual sessions and enjoyment at home. Your best bet is to try a bunch of beers and see what you like. Here’s a very quick overview of some popular types of beers worth exploring, as well as some terminology that will help you ask after them at stores and bars.

Beer terms

Some lingo to help you navigate the beer bar.

  • Hops. You’ll hear talk of “hops” and “hoppy” taste when you’re around beer drinkers. Hops come from hop plants (surprise!), and they are used as the primary flavoring agent in most beers. H...

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