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Life insurance is a type of insurance in which an insurer agrees to pay out a sum of money when the insured dies. This money goes to your beneficiaries who are predetermined by you. Beneficiaries tend to be the individuals who depended on the income you do/will generate. The younger you are when you get life insurance the cheaper the insurance premiums are and sometimes you can even lock in rates. Please scroll down for more information and access to the life insurance agents in Tucson, AZ listed below that can explain more.

Judy Tocco, CFP
6236 E. Pima Street
Tucson, AZ
Title: CFP
Company: Tocco Financial Services
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Bachelors Degree in Business Management
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Certified Financial Planner
Years Experience
Years Experience: 20+
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DM Lovitt Insurance Agency
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Strategic Planning Insurance Group
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Abc Insurance/Baquet Company
(520) 620-0222
890 W Grant Rd
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Medical Plans Of Arizona
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5049 E Broadway Blvd Ste 123
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Victoria Coletti (RFC®), CFP
(520) 818-9416
38702 S Starwood Drive
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Design Capital Planning Group, Inc.
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Prater & Sons Insurance
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Mike Pierce Insurance
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Arnold & Associates
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Tucson Life Insurance
(520) 549-2263
333 N. Wilmot Rd.
Tucson, AZ
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Understanding Life Insurance

By Joan Mitchell

When your employer breaks out the big box o’ benefits, you may be surprised to see that life insurance is on the table. If you’re like me, you probably thought that life insurance was only for wealthy fat cats and rednecks who want to fake their own death, collect on their policy, and escape to Mexico with their wife (who’s also their aunt). But while the vast majority of recent grads might think that they don’t need a life insurance policy, it’s not a completely cut-and-dry issue. Life insurance—like all insurance—can get pretty complicated, but we’ll try to cut straight to the chase: What is life insurance and what are the pros and cons for a twentysomething?

What Is Life Insurance

Simply put, life insurance is a type of insurance in which an insurer (e.g., State Farm) agrees to pay out a sum of money when the insured (e.g., you) dies. This money goes your beneficiaries who are predetermined by you. Beneficiaries tend to be the individuals who depended on the income you do/will generate. Long story short: if you are worried that if you die unexpectedly that any of your loved ones will be worse off financially, you should consider purchasing life insurance.

If your employer is serving you a policy on a silver platter (i.e., no extra monthly/yearly fees attached), then you should certainly jump on it. Even if they ask for you to slightly subsidize it (e.g., $10/month), still opt in. However, even if that small subsidy is too large for your current economic situation or your company isn't providing you with health insurance (and you're on your own), we ask that you still read on and consider acquiring a life insurance policy.

Deciding Whether or Not You Want Life Insurance

From a recent grad’s perspective, the pros and cons of purchasing life insurance are relatively straight-forward.

Reasons You Might Want Life Insurance

  • To take care of your spouse/kids/parents. If you have kids or you’re married and your spouse would be severely hurt financially by your passing, you need to look into life insurance, which will provide them with cash when you die. This should help soften the economic blow of your passing. Note: Even if you're single, your beneficiary could be your mom, granddad, sister, etc.
  • To Ensure Your “Insurability.” The people who underwrite insurance policies take into account a vast range of variables when calculating premium rates and determining your “insurability”—basically, how much of a risk the insurance company is taking on by insuring you. So if you have cancer or you’re a professional stuntman, you’re far less insurable than a healthy 23-year-old who works in advertising. Thus, most recent grads are highly insurable. This means two things: (1) you can pay relatively low premiums, and (2) getting life insurance now guarantees that the provider must continue to insure you as long as you keep up with your annual premium payments.
  • To Leave a Clean Slate. Morbid...

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