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Borrowing Money after College

By Rachel Solomon
Wells Fargo and Commerce are a good alternative. P2P lending sites like and LendingClub are another option. And for loans on cars, businesses, and other big-ticket items, check out traditional bank loans.
  • Help from the ‘rents – Don’t be ashamed to ask your family to bail you out when you’re in a jam. No other source will be as generous with terms. Just be sure to follow the IRS family lending guidelines .
  • Maintain your credit – An important element of borrowing money is ensuring that you have good credit. Get a free credit report at from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Then, learn how to build your credit so that you’ll be able to get that mortgage down the line.
  • Start saving – The easiest way to stop borrowing is to begin saving. Get into the habit of putting even a small sum of your paycheck into some type of savings account or investment portfolio every month. Learn more about the power of investing and let your money work for you.
  • Many students form addictions in college, and I had a bad one. Everyone around me was doing it too; it was so easy. So accessible. I started to want it more, to need it. I’d get one supply and run through it in a night, leaving me begging for another dose the next day


    So what was my drug of choice? Borrowed money. And it’s one of the most dangerous things to become dependent on, especially in college. Pushers love to throw money at students like they’re a pack of starved hyenas. Everyone’s primed to borrow hugely irresponsible amounts in the name of “education,” and few are above pocketing the “leftovers.”

    But what happens when you graduate? Take it from me—banks are not lining up to loan you the $20,000 you want to pimp out our new pad with a flat-screen TV, surround sound, mirrored ceilings, and a bidet .

    However, if you need to borrow money wisely (like to pay that broker’s fee and security deposit on your new apartment), there are resources out there to help you. Here are some options to check out:

    The Fam

    Like your naked baby pictures, loans are best kept in the family. A banker probably won’t love you like a brother, and if your family is capable and willing, you probably won’t find better terms anywhere else. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Your family might prefer that you borrow from them rather than get suckered into a high interest deal with a sheisty lender. Just make sure to follow the IRS rules on loans to family members.

    Bank Loan

    This early in the game, it isn’t likely that recent grads will need (let alone qualify for) a bank loan.

    But if we want to start a business or buy a car, it’s worth looking into. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions and be scrutinized intensely. Traditionally, you don’t apply for bank loans the way you do for credit cards. No “instant approvals” or easy online applications. Instead, you have to sit down with a banker who assesses our credit, collateral, and c...

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