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Yoga is an incredible blending of the mind, body and spirit. The health benefits of yoga help you release stress and stay in shape. Beginner’s yoga is a great place to start. There are various styles of yoga. It’s smart to research which type of yoga fitness suits you best before you commit. Please scroll down for more information and access to all the yoga related products and services in Amherst, MA listed below.

Diana's DansKinetics and Yoga
(413) 256-8155
23 Tamarack Dr
Amherst, MA
Yoga Styles

Agama Yoga
0031 (0)6 49126884
1e Van der Helststraat 70-1
Amsterdam, NH
Yoga Styles
Tantric / Hatha Yoga

Yoga Sanctuary
413-585-YOGA (9642)
150 Main St 3rd Floor
Northampton, MA
Yoga Styles

Anahata Yoga Center
(413) 367-9692
109 West Chestnut Hill Rd.
Montague, MA
Yoga Styles

mama nirvana's new yoga
(413) 527-7705
384 main street
Easthampton, MA
Yoga Styles
hatha, flow, coreFlow, pilates/yoga fusi

The Hadley Yoga Studio
(413) 221-6622
234 Russell Street
Hadley, MA
Yoga Styles

Holistic in Fitness
(413) 427-6732
Batchelor st
Granby, MA
Yoga Styles
Purusha (integrated Hatha)

Ahimsa Yoga Center
(413) 533-1113
15 College Street
South Hadley, MA
Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga

Health In Motion
(413) 627-5364
615 Reeds Bridge Road
Conway, MA
Yoga Styles
Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa, Yoga/Pilates, Meditiation

Millers Falls Yoga Center
(413) 659-0255
4 Veterans St.
Millers Falls, MA
Yoga Styles
Kripalu/Iyengar blend

Beginning Yoga

By Christopher Schonberger and to find classes in your area, and remember that many gyms offer classes for free with membership. If you want to join a studio, ask around for recommendations and take a trial class before committing.
  • Go with the flow – Different people have different opinions on the meditative aspect of yoga, and many classes are almost entirely focused on exercise anyway. That said, have an open mind and enjoy the closeness that yoga helps you feel to your body and breath.
  • Buy a mat – If you’re really going to start doing yoga regularly, get your own mat. You may look like a bohemian wankster on the subway, but at least you won’t have to pay rental fees or soak up the last yogi’s sweat.
  • When a recent grad suddenly expresses interest in yoga, you know that they are either extremely hungover or have recently been thinking about “the future” and got depressed. Maybe they’re not exactly sure what’s wrong, but they know they need a lifestyle change to get back on track. Simply “working out” will not suffice. They feel the need to address the mind-body-and-soul trifecta in its totality…preferably all at once, for about an hour at a time.

    Within the twentysomething psychology, yoga is often privileged as a “cure-all” for a life gone slightly off the rails. No “get right by life” plan is complete without a little downward-facing dog thrown into the mix. I know because I’ve walked down the path to…uh, the yoga studio…with little more than a vague sense of purpose. “If I don’t start stretching soon, I’m gonna be in a wheelchair by the time I’m 40,” I’d think to myself. “I need something to counteract the stress of being unemployed.”

    Yoga fit the bill on all fronts, and even after watching a girl start crying in the “frog position,” I still recommend that people try it. That said, I made some beginner’s mistakes and got myself into some positions that I literally didn’t enjoy, so I thought I’d share some tips for entering the world of semi-meditative exercise. Don’t expect it to make you a better person (don’t tell the instructor I said that!), but do expect to have some fun and feel pretty good.

    An Extremely Brief and Borderline Offensive History of Yoga

    Well before Christ, people in India were living abstemiously and meditating all the time in hopes of achieving the Hindu holy grail of “enlightenment.” This sort of thing went on for thousands of years (and it still does in some places), but it really has nothing to do with the yoga-as-exercise craze that has swept the Western world. (Fun Fact: Yoga is a $4 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone.) Many of the practices you'll find today were "invented" in the '90s and are just as likely to feature wisdom from Michael Jordan's biography as the Hindu scriptures. Think self-empowerment and "good living" rather than spiritual enlightenment—Spice World!

    Choosing the Right Yoga Class

    The yoga spectrum stretch...

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